Academy of Dance Arts



June 13-17
July 25-29
August 8-12

Dance, Voice, Acting, Improv and lots of FUN!!!


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Catherine is the director of Mini Theatre Troupe and holds classes at the studio. She is doing a special Annie Medley that will be in the recital. If you want more information on this fun number contact Catherine. The classes will be Saturday 4:00 to 5:30 starting June 4 and the costumes and props will be provided.


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Dancalicious Birthday Parties

We will work with you to customize your party. There will be two instructors teaching your birthday group a fun dance to fit your theme.

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Summer Intensive

August 1-4

This Dance Intensive will offer a diverse array of dance styles and techniques.
Ballet, contemporary, jazz, musical theater, tap, hip hop, improvisation/composition, nutrition, yoga, body conditioning, and more.


Our ultimate goal is for each student to realize that they have a great deal of potential. and that with training that potential can be achieved. In addition we want to focus on the whole person: The Mind, Body, Soul.


Mind: Knowledge. Our goal is to have the students not just "do" but "know". There will be vocabulary handouts, handouts on the history of dance as related to this intensive, and list of videos to watch on YouTube that relate to this intensive.


Body: The body is the instrument of dancer and like any musical instrument it must be kept in tune. You can be the most talented musician of all time, but if your instrument isn’t tuned the music will sound like noise. The same is true for dance. If the dancer’s body isn’t in tune the movement will look like noise.


Soul: That would be passion. Passion isn’t something that can be taught, but we hope to inspire a student to find their passion for dance. A dancer’s passion can represent a strong source of energy and that can translate into outstanding achievements.


The teaching staff will be a combination of ADA teachers and guest teachers.
So mark your calendar and watch for the schedule.


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