Academy of Dance Arts


Academy of Dance arts has been performing their annual summer recital for over 9 years at the fabulous Joan B. Kroc Theatre!


For 2016, the recital theme is "Let's Go to the Movies" which will be entertaining for the audience and super-fun for the instructors and dancers.


ADA choreographers will create dances that reflect many songs from famous movies with which anyone is familiar!. With ten choreographers contributing to this program “Let’s Go to the Movies” will be filled with a wide spectrum of dance styles for a finger snapping, hand clapping, toe tapping experience.


In the summer of 2015, the theme was“Dancing Through the Decades.” It was an energetic romp through the mostunforgettable music and dance styles this country has ever known and everyone had a terrific time!


“Dancing Through the Decades" was a 2-act performance with over 80 dances that featured an award-winning mixture of the very best solos, duos, and small and large group routines of the year, along with brand new dances choreographed especially for this recital.


The audience was treated to period dances, music and costumes from the 20's to current time, including medleys and massive group numbers with over 20 young performers on stage at a time.


In all, the range of musical styles reflected at the annual recitals from these truly talented performers is astounding. Their hard work, and that of our incredible choreographers, demonstrate a passion for their craft, teamwork & tight camaraderie, good spirit and a strength of character we love to see in our youth.


Studio videographer

Gray has been videoing the studio recital and other studio functions for years. When ordering the current recital video, you can get a video from past years, or if you want just certain dances from past years Gary can do that for you.




Dancing Through the Decades