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For registration information, click on the "Register for Classes" photo to the right and download the registration forms. Registration is year-round at Academy of Dance Arts San Diego, although certain performances and competitions do have deadlines. Parents can register by mail, phone or in person at the studio. We love welcoming new families and giving them a free introductory classes so your child can experience the ADA difference.



A parent must accompany their child for an introductory lesson. Your child is encouraged to wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes for intro lessons. Enrolled students must wear correct dance attire. Please download the studio dress code. Younger students are not permitted to leave the studio at the end of class. Parents must come into the studio to pick up their child. It is recommended that parents watch only the last 10 minutes of class, as parents talking in the office during class can be distracting to the students.

Click to download the 2015 studio dress code




Students must be enrolled in class by December to be guaranteed the opportunity of performing in the spring shows. Students must be enrolled in class by February to be guaranteed the opportunity of performing in the summer recital. Students must be enrolled in privates (solos, duos, trios) by September to be guaranteed the opportunity of performing their solo, duo, or trio in shows, competitions and the recital. This allows sufficient time for the instructors and students to select their music, fully choreograph routines and practice them to perfection!


Dance Troupe

Auditions and/or teacher recommendations are done the last week of July for the dance troupe


General policies

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month.

Late Fee: A $15 late fee is added to tuition received after the 1st of the month


Payment Policies

Tuition is payable monthly, in advance. Tuition is based on a four week month. There is no charge for any fifth lesson in a month, it is considered a bonus. There are no refunds, credits, or transfers given for any class tuition. Tuition is not prorated for missed lessons. No credits are given for holiday closures. Siblings can combine their dance hours. Payments can be made at the studio by check, cash, or credit/debit card. An annual registration Fee of $45 is due at the time of registration and every September. It is not pro-rated. Students who quit and re-join within a studio year will be charged the registration fee again. A competition fee is due at the time of registration in a dance troupe class.


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